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Gina & The Corner Boys

Corner Boys & Co. is a dance/party cover band that plays an eclectic array of music from oldies, Motown, funk, rock, light jazz, 70s, 80s, and 90s dance, to today’s hits. The band made their mark in the Philadelphia area in 1995 and has since played at many weddings and other private events. In addition to the 3 lead vocalists, most of the musicians also sing, allowing a very wide variety of vocal styles. The band has a lively and energetic stage presence and is sure to entertain any crowd.

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The Malarkey Brothers

The Malarkey Brothers. Enjoy the Irish beat of the Celtic folk/rock band, The Malarkey Brothers. The boys landed on the Philadelphia scene in 1986, and have since performed in numerous Irish pubs in the area. They just released their highly anticipated third CD, “Green Album,” a follow-up to their highly successful CDs, “Get your Irish Up” and “The Malarkey Brothers Live!” They bring a unique, high-energy sound and enthusiastic and entertaining stage presence.

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Tullamore Trio

Tullamore Trio. The Tullamore Trio is a fantastic Irish act with a traditional sound, featuring acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and vocals. The trio is similar to the Malarkey Brothers, but brings a unique flair with their acoustic sound. In addition to a vast repertoire of Irish songs, this trio can also play a wide variety of pop music from yesterday and today.

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Mike & Vince

Mike & Vince. A mainstay at the Jersey Shore, the cousins Mike & Vince engage and entertain with their renditions of shore favorites and classic rock to modern rock and a few blues classics, often inspiring crowds to sing along. Guest performers can be found joining in on the fun at most shows. Always a crowd pleaser, the duo features great vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic slide, harmonica, recorder, bongos, ukulele, and even accordion.

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Doc & Vince. Doc & Vince captivate audiences with their strong vocals, unique sound and rhythm, witty personalities, and between-song banter. A seasoned musician, Doc toured with several regional and national acts and also played with the Philadelphia 76ers House Band at all home games in the Wachovia Center for eight years. The talented Doc & Vince duo light up the stage with their renditions of songs by Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and many others, featuring electric lead guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar, and vocals.

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Vince Schneider

Vince Schneider. Rock out to Vince Schneider’s acoustic renditions of classic and contemporary songs, ranging from The Beatles and Bob Dylan to Jack Johnson and John Mayer. Vince began playing in the late 80’s and has since performed solo gigs internationally in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark, and locally, in the greater Philadelphia area and the Jersey Shore. Always a crowd pleaser, Vince is sometimes known as the “human juke box” because of his seemingly endless supply of songs, excellent vocals and fine musicianship.

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