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View The The Malarkey Brothers Album

The Malarkey Brothers

The brothers, Seamus, Anthony, Vincent, and Bobby Malarkey, entertain with their Irish beat.

View The Gina & the Corner Boys Album

Gina & the Corner Boys

The seven-member band performs their renditions of dance/party classics
at weddings and other private events.

View The Tullamore Trio Album

Tullamore Trio

The Irish act lights up the stage at various venues with their unique acoustic sound.

View The Vince Schneider Album

Vince Schneider

Vince Schneider’s acoustic renditions of classic and contemporary songs entertain crowds
at various local gigs.

View The Mike and Vince Album

Mike and Vince

The duo entertains Jersey Shore crowds with their renditions of shore favorites, classic and rock,
and blues classics.

View The Doc and Vince Album

Doc and Vince

The often witty, seasoned musicians play their renditions of songs by Eric Clapton,
Stevie Ray Vaughn, and others at local venues.